Who is Ad Hoc?

It’s chamber music with a twist. A chance to experience established classics next to new discoveries and unusual arrangements. Musical storytelling. Creative collaborations. Anything that we can think up to broaden the experience shared by the audience and the performers.

At its heart, Ad Hoc is a collaboration between people who love music and want to share it with others. The musicians that you hear in an Ad Hoc performance are advanced students, early career professionals, and experienced musicians with a passion for something new. They often play, conduct, study, and teach music in difference places in town, and Ad Hoc provides an opportunity to come together to make music.

Ad Hoc’s story goes back to Rebecca Smithhorn – she wanted to have the opportunity to conduct a chamber orchestra in challenging, interesting music. She didn’t wait around for some opportunity to open up – she got some people together to make it happen. And people came to play. They found a new, exciting, supportive place to make music.

When Rebecca moved to Cincinnati to pursue her doctorate, the musicians kept the Ad Hoc experience alive. Artistic directors Matt Osika and Boon Hua Lin shared an enthusiasm for conducting, arranging, and making things happen. They continued her initial inspiration, while leading Ad Hoc into new musical experience and explorations and engaging new partners through out the community.

As of now, Ad Hoc runs as a collective mostly led by board members.


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